Heidi Løke

Handball superstar Heidi Løke on how Rehband is an invaluable part of her road to success.

Heidi Løke is one of the absolute top handball players in the world with an unparalleled track record. In 2012 she was awarded with "IFS World Player of the Year" in recognition of her oustanding achievements in international competitions and on a club level.

Heidi's team record involves gold medals in the Olympics, the World Championships and European Championship. Heidi is definitely a one-of-a-kind and we proud to support both her and the Norweigan national team in their way towards future success stories.


Name: Heidi Løke
Born: 1982, Tønsberg, Norway
Current club: Gyori Audi ETO KC, Hungary
National team: Norway, 115 caps (395 goals)
Medal record: "IHF World Player of the Year" 2012, Olympic Champion 2012, World Championship Gold 2011 (All star team/Pivot), Wold Championship Bronze 2009, European Championship Silver 2012, European Championship Gold 2010 (All star team/Pivot), European Championship Gold 2008, EHF Women's Champions League Silver 2009/2010, EHF Women's Cup Winner's Cup Silver 2008/2009, League Champion 2009/2010, League Champion 2008/2009, NHF Player of the Year 2009/2010, NHF Player of the Year 2008/2009

”Rehband's functional clothing has an outstanding wearing comfort. For me it is extremely important to use this kind of support before, during and after activity, to be able to recover the best way possible. I use these products every day which helps me maximize my performance. As a pivot player I also use Rehband knee protections. They have a fantastic wearing comfort and provide a good padding which helps me avoid injuries”

Heidi Løke

Heidi Løke

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